Engineering & Preparation

The Motorcycle Works don’t just do MOT’s, fit tyres and service motorcycles and Scooters, we also undertake engine building,  re-building and all that entails.

From re-bores, balancing and fitting crankshafts, porting and polishing, blast cleaning and  thread repairs to aluminum welding. Our engineers work on road bikes and also undertake full race preparation, so you can be sure of the attention to detail and first class service.

Engine Building Services:

Re-bores  – We do our own re-bores and will re-bore any make or model,  new liners can also be made.

Crankshafts - Again,  we do our own cranks and will rebuild most pressed-up cranks.

Blast Cleaning – We use aluminum oxide for cleaning and glass bead for finish.

Polishing – We can polish outer cases to a high standard.

Thread repairs  We usually reclaim most stripped or damaged threads.

Aluminum welding - we do all our own work in-house to ensure only the best quality repairs.

Complete Engine Re-builds - We can restore most condition engines to running order, rebuilds include strip – clean - assess – report to owner for instruction – rebuild to agreed spec and cost.

Frames.   - If you want a ground-up frame build then give us a call. We are able to modify frames or build new ones. And we are able to build frames specially for racing, or for older bikes.