About Us

The Motorcycle Works Ltd is a new business, born to amalgamate a number of local businesses who have been trading for many years. MHSS1st and TR500 have been around for a long time and from February 2013, will come under the banner of The Motorcycle Works Ltd.   All our fitters are skilled, highly experienced motorcycle mechanics and have been building, restoring, repairing and servicing motorcycles, and working with motorcycles and their electrics for many years.

Our boss Pete has been a bike mechanic all his working life and is also a fully trained and qualified locksmith, so rest assured we are not short on experience. We all ride motorcycles (including our female staff) and the greedier among us have more than one bike, so we understand your potential problems and needs. We've all had a bike stolen at some point in our lives (in our case not for a very long time though!!) so we know how it feels.

We could tell you how much better, faster and cheaper we are than everyone else, but we won't. It's our customers judgement, not ours that ultimately matters. What we will promise is to give you our best advice on the products to use for your particular situation and budget, and not just supply you with what suits us or our profit margins! We only want to keep our customers long term.

We don't make promises we can't keep and we don't pretend to be a nation-wide service (unless you want to come to us of course).